Palmiero Toyota Giveback Program

Cast your vote for Sustainable Forests in November!

The Foundation for Sustainable Forests is once again participating in Palmiero Toyota's Giveback Program.

Located in Meadville, Palmiero Toyota generously sets aside funds from each auto sale to give back to the community.  Each November, the public can vote for their favorite charitable organization.  The winning organization will receive a Grand Prize of $2,500 from Palmiero, and a matching gift of $2,500 from Toyota Corporation!

This prize would allow the Foundation for Sustainable Forests to advance critical land conservation efforts and to develop comprehensive educational programs for landowners.

We need your vote!

Every day in November, up to once a day, you can visit Palmiero Toyota's Showroom to cast your vote for sustainable forests and woodland protection.  

Palmiero Toyota Showroom Hours & Directions

We thank Palmiero Toyota for their generosity and commitment to our community!