Education & Outreach

Our educational initiatives are focused around promoting good forest management. Primarily we use our woodlots, horse loggers and foresters as demonstrators and teachers during woods walks and workshops. In addition we partner with local schools and universities on forest related research and classroom projects. If you have questions about an upcoming event or would like to work with us on an educational project please contact us.

Our Conservation Partners and Friends

The Forest Stewards Guild

The Forest Guild is a professional organization of forest stewards, associated natural resource professionals, and affiliates who are passionate about restoring and sustaining the integrity of our forests while meeting the needs of the communities that rely on them.

French Creek Valley Conservancy

Local conservancy protecting the watershed of French Creek

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is one of the oldest land conservancies in the nation and a major partner in conservation projects throughout Pennsylvania.

Creek Connections

Creek Connections fosters hands-on environmental science education in schools throughout western Pennsylvania.


Butterflies for Kids /I Am A Planet Kid

An Erie, PA nonprofit devoted to environmental education and forestland protection


Healing Harvest Forest Foundation

A nonprofit from Virginia promoting horse logging and worst-first tree harvest

Northwest Pennsylvania Woodland Association

Provides information, including field days and workshops, for forest landowners in Erie, Crawford and Warren Counties

Woodland Owners of the Clarion - Allegheny Valley

Provides information, including field days and workshops for forest landowners in Venango, Clarion and Forest Counties.

Draft Animal Power Network (DAP-net)

A Vermont-based  non-profit organization of full and part-time farmers, foresters, loggers, teamsters, and other folks interested in learning more about any of these activities. 

Heavy Horses

While the use of horses alone does not ensure sustainable forest management, we do support organizations such as the UK-based Heavy Horses, that are helping to preserve the culture of working animals in working forests.